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The Future of Bitcoin, XRP & Ethereum! 

Initially thought of as a fad, cryptocurrencies are proving their power as the technology continues to mature. Among the hundreds of cryptocurrencies on the market today, there are three that dominate the market by capitalization and proof of use: BTC, XRP, and ETH. These are…


How Many Bank Accounts Should I Have? 

Virtually every financial decision you make in your adult life will involve having some sort of bank account to either deposit or withdraw funds from. Whether it’s applying for an apartment or receiving a paycheck from an employer, a bank account is often the easiest…


The Future of Cryptocurrency 

Ever since the craze in early 2017, the term “cryptocurrency” has quickly reached the mainstream sphere. People who had no clue what cryptocurrencies were are now at least aware of them. And out of all the cryptocurrencies in existence today, the one that people are…


5 Best Low-Risk, High Returns Investment Ideas 

What are the risk types associated with your investments? When it comes to making safe Investments, evaluating the risks associated with your investment types is an important factor. Based on what you’re investing in and to what extent you are prepared to risk your hard-earned dollars. Low-Risk: You…


Personal Experience: Investing in Gold and Silver 

Investing in precious metals is ambiguous for many. A lot of investors and money gurus are preaching to stay away from investing in gold and silver while others are advising for it. So, where is the truth? I have my own experience with investing, mostly…

Home Buying

What is a Conventional Loan? 

Homebuyers are faced with many tough decisions when purchasing a home. One of the most important decisions is whether or not you should pull out a conventional loan, and if so, what are the options, limitations, and qualifications? A conventional loan is currently the most…